Our activity sector

Present in several Canadian provinces, Optimum General Inc. operates in the field of property and casualty insurance, offering innovative insurance products that are adapted to individual and business needs. Company entities include Optimum Insurance Company Inc., Optimum Farm Insurance Inc. and the Optimum West Insurance Company. Our high customer service standards allow us to meet the needs of nearly 600 brokers throughout Canada.

In recent years, we have experienced strong growth across all business lines. This growth is especially due to our ambitious corporate strategy, but also to each of our employees' expertise and drive as well as to their desire to contribute directly to our success.

Career development

Management is dedicated to promoting team development. We regularly have discussions with employees regarding their professional ambitions so as to ensure that those who which to progress do progress. As part of succession planning, everything is done to ensure that up and comers find their place on our team.

Our human-scale teams enable employees to exercise direct leadership and to demonstrate versatility in their responsibilities, thereby increasing their expertise. In joining our team, you will have the opportunity to build a rewarding career alongside Optimum General seasoned professionals.

Innovation from a choice employer

All products and services offered by our company are based on the talent, motivation and professionalism of our employees, who continuously strive to provide our national customer base with the highest possible product quality and standard of service. We are extremely proud to rely on such qualified, driven and committed teams.

In order to position ourselves with consumers, we not only develop products that are adapted to their needs, but that are also innovative. This has led to Optimum General Inc. being named one of the top 15 insurers in terms of innovation in North America.

We are also proud of having been voted the best insurance company by our brokerage network in western Canada, as well as one of the best five financial services companies to work for.

Our work environment

Our presence in several large Canadian cities gives our employees the advantage of being able to work in one of several subsidiaries, as well as at our Montreal head office, or even for Optimum Group companies abroad in other sectors of activity.

Our work environment encourages balance between home and work life: flexible hours, personal days and even coverage of fitness club membership fees.

Optimum General is a member company of the   Optimum Group, a private Canadian financial group with international operations in life insurance, property and casualty insurance, life reinsurance, consulting and asset management. The Group employs roughly 500 employees in Canada, the United States and in France.

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Employee Testimonials

Louise Frankland

Giving her the means to grow

Louise Frankland joined Optimum General as an actuarial analyst in 2002. This holding company is comprised of three property and casualty insurance subsidiaries. Management recognized Louise's desire to develop and invigorate her professional life, while constantly taking on new responsibilities. In 2007, she became Manager, Actuarial - Ratemaking and less than two years later, Manager, Rating and Underwriting. Currently, Louise Frankland is Assistant Vice President, Rating and Underwriting.

Developing potential together

"Ten years ago, I began my career in the traditional actuarial field, but today my horizons are much broader. I manage a team of underwriting technical managers based in Montreal and Toronto, who come from backgrounds quite different than my own. I haven't followed a conventional career path, but it has been very rewarding!

When I expressed an interest in applying my actuarial experience to other realms of insurance, I received tremendous support. Martin Carrier and Paul Tremblay*, my superiors and Executives for our company, have always listened to me and have continuously encouraged me with my professional development. I have always felt that it was important to them that we progress, maximize our potential according to our interests and have a sense of fulfillment. Throughout my professional career, I have benefited from appropriate guidance and instruction which have broadened my competencies in the fields required for my new positions.

In my opinion, Optimum stands out from other companies. The fact that they capitalize on the more human side of things has completely won me over. We feel good working at Optimum; we feel welcomed, we feel people listen to us. The Executives remain accessible and they help provide a work environment that enables the exchange of ideas among teammates. This makes a huge difference for someone like myself who is seeking fulfillment on the job!"


* Martin Carrier: Executive Vice President, OGI and President and Chief Operating Officer, Optimum Insurance Company, Optimum Farm Insurance, Optimum West Insurance Company
Paul Tremblay: Senior Vice President, Finance.

Steve Boudreault

Moving up . . . as far as I can go, with the support of my employer

Steve Boudreault graduated from the University of Montreal with a Math degree with a major in Actuarial Science and began his career at Optimum General Inc. in 2003 as an Actuarial Analyst and has gone on to become a supervisor and entrusted with increased responsibilities. In the fall of 2012, Steve Boudreault was appointed Manager, IT Operations.
Paul Tremblay, Senior Vice President, Finance and Actuarial, noticing his constant desire to improve his skills and broaden his expertise, advised him to do an MBA. A worthy challenge !

Developing and fully utilizing your knowledge and know-how

« Never in a million years would I have ever thought I would go so far . . . When I first started out here as an analyst, I saw myself completing my actuarial exams, becoming a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and pursuing my career in actuarial science. But, Paul Tremblay noticed during our discussions that I was interested in doing more than actuarial work and suggested that I enroll in an MBA program . . . So, in August 2011 I was starting my studies!
Training takes place at UQAM in Montreal and Optimum General supplies me with the resources I need to succeed. I couldn't ask for anymore support from my employer!

The program helps me enormously with my work and has allowed me to grow as an employee and take on more duties and responsibilities. The courses being taught me: Project Management, Business Strategy, Human Resources, Marketing and Finance, to name a few, are directly related to my work. I make use of everything I learn. It's very challenging and I love it! I want to move up in the world and I don't want to put limits on what I can accomplish. »

Sabine Lavillonnière

Growing at the international level, broadening your horizons, changing spheres

Tax Advisor, Sabine Lavillonnière began with subsidiary Optimum Vie in Paris, France. Her primary duties related to French taxation and she worked in the fields of business, corporate and insurance law.

Her marked interest for travelling abroad and discovering new cultures, her desire to learn more about other taxation systems coupled with Optimum's support, especially that of Anabelle Blondeau, Senior Vice-President and Treasurer of Optimum Group and Benoît D.Lapointe, Assistant General Manager of Optimum Vie have enabled her to come to Montreal.

Exceeding expectations

« This experience has not only met my expectations…It has surpassed them! My work has been continuously enriching intellectually. The progress I have made in one year here is beyond what I could have imagined! 

Optimum's principal holding company is located in Montreal and the Group has many subsidiaries and offices throughout the world such as Vancouver, Dallas, Toronto, Paris, Quebec City, Barbados and many others… providing me with the opportunity to deal with many varied international issues and to improve my English ! 

I have also gained more responsibilities. In addition to French taxation, my practice now includes Canadian and American taxation. I have definitely expanded my areas of expertise! I find that team spirit is very good at Optimum Group. Everyone here in Quebec has been very hospitable and kind.

I also owe a lot to Chantal Brulé, my supervisor. Always present and helpful, she totally includes me in the Group's projects. »