Blue ArrowThe Optimum Advantage

New risk? New insurance!

With the Optimum Special Risk program, risks that have been in operation for less than three years are covered!

Your operations are only seasonal? We have the solution in commercial insurance for you!

We cover your seasonal operations such as restaurants and motels for property, business interruption, crime and commercial general liability.

Your building is older? No problem.

With our special risk program, we offer coverage on older buildings (50 to 100 + years old) that meet minimum building service standards; we'll give you the protection your building needs. 

Your business is at a higher risk due to its own specific nature?

Don't worry, Optimum is there for you. We'll provide you with the coverage your business needs!

Vacant or partially vacant?

Normally, it is difficult to insure such a building, but it is possible with Optimum's Special Risk program!

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