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At the garage or an exhibition, your car is always covered.

Your vehicle is being restored? No problem, we will maintain full coverage at no additional cost.

Show off your prize possession in Canada and the States!

People with antique and classic cars enjoy showing off their treasure on four wheels any time they can.  Optimum understands your pride in exhibiting your beloved car. That's why your coverage will apply across Canada as well as the United States.

Even extra parts are insured!

Do you need additional, spare or comprehensive parts for your vehicle? These parts will be insured up to 10% of the car's insured value.

Ask your independent broker about Optimum's Antique and Classic Car insurance policy!


Classic or Antique?

Your vehicle is a collector's item and is over 30 years old, with no changes to the original manufacturer's model? You have special Historical Vehicle license plates?
Congratulations, you're the proud owner of an antique car.

Your automobile is older than 20 years and is a rebuilt model? It is not a replica of old vehicles made from kits?Lucky you, you are the owner of a classic automobile.


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