Steve Boudreault

Moving up . . . as far as I can go, with the support of my employer

Steve Boudreault graduated from the University of Montreal with a Math degree with a major in Actuarial Science and began his career at Optimum General Inc. in 2003 as an Actuarial Analyst and has gone on to become a supervisor and entrusted with increased responsibilities. In the fall of 2012, Steve Boudreault was appointed Manager, IT Operations.
Paul Tremblay, Senior Vice President, Finance and Actuarial, noticing his constant desire to improve his skills and broaden his expertise, advised him to do an MBA. A worthy challenge !

Developing and fully utilizing your knowledge and know-how

« Never in a million years would I have ever thought I would go so far . . . When I first started out here as an analyst, I saw myself completing my actuarial exams, becoming a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and pursuing my career in actuarial science. But, Paul Tremblay noticed during our discussions that I was interested in doing more than actuarial work and suggested that I enroll in an MBA program . . . So, in August 2011 I was starting my studies!
Training takes place at UQAM in Montreal and Optimum General supplies me with the resources I need to succeed. I couldn't ask for anymore support from my employer!

The program helps me enormously with my work and has allowed me to grow as an employee and take on more duties and responsibilities. The courses being taught me: Project Management, Business Strategy, Human Resources, Marketing and Finance, to name a few, are directly related to my work. I make use of everything I learn. It's very challenging and I love it! I want to move up in the world and I don't want to put limits on what I can accomplish. »