The Optimum Advantage

A unique carbon offset program

Reduce your home's greenhouse gas emissions with carbon offsets! It's a simple way to be carbon neutral. You can offset greenhouse gas emissions associated with the insured risk by purchasing carbon offsets based on a rate per square foot of the occupied space of your home.

Optimum offers you this unique program in partnership with Offsetters, a leading Canadian carbon management solutions provider.

Optimum is the only company in Canada offering this innovative product!

An environmental upgrade solution

The Optimum Green-Home extension will also provide up to $10,000 of coverage for the cost difference to replace your home's original damaged item(s), such as flooring and home appliances, with an environmentally-sound product of similar kind and quality!

Already green? Optimum has discounts for you!

Your house is already equipped with energy efficient alternatives? This will be reflected by attractive discounts on your Green_Home extension!

Ask your independent broker about the Optimum Green-Home extension!

What are carbon offsets and how does it make my lifestyle greener?

Even with the best environmental techniques, the fact is, we are still producing greenhouse gases that are trapped in the atmosphere which eventually alter the precious ecological balance of our planet.

An offset is something that you purchase when you are not able to avoid the emission of a certain amount of C02. We call it an emission reduction credit.

Organizations such as Offsetters use this money to take action against climate change and to finance clean energy projects. This way you help protect our environment even when you have no choice but to produce greenhouse gases during your activities! 

Key discounts available for this product

Solar and wind energy
Energy saving furnace

Ask your broker about these and other available discounts

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