Winter is here, and the cold season often rhymes with problems… In particular, the weight of the snow on rooftops, especially when it is mixed with rain, can cause considerable damages!

However, it is reassuring to know that certain measures may prevent damages. This is why the Optimum team would like to remind you of a few simple actions that can be taken to reduce, or even eliminate the risk of your roof collapsing:

Before winter comes, check the state of your roofs in order to detect all peak deformations and traces of rust that could hinder snow from sliding off easily, and get them fixed if needed.

In the wintertime, it is important to ensure that snow and/or ice accumulation on the roofs of buildings never exceeds 24 inches, or about 60 centimeters (excluding exceptional meteorological conditions). Excess weight on these structures may result in partial or total collapsing of the roof. Particular attention needs to be brought to lean-tos, low pitched roofs and junctions where buildings of different heights are adjoined.

To clear the snow from your roofs, it is best to use qualified professionals who have the right equipment to do so.

These few actions remain the best way to prevent damages to your roof. Furthermore, they can help avoid many headaches… don’t forget that a claim, no matter what kind, can be difficult and and is all the more regrettable when it could have easily been avoided!

Enjoy your winter!