The Optimum Broker Award

Our broker partners are most valuable to our team. That’s why we believe in recognizing their hard work and dedication, as well as acknowledging their contribution to our success. Each year, since the early 90’s, we have rewarded high performing brokers with a trip to our estate in Normandy, France accompanied with a few members of our management team. More recently, in 2007, we revised the eligibility rules for this recognition, to include conditions and criteria with respect to business volume, profitability and growth, potential for development, and high standards of service, making this award an even greater symbol of achievement.

The goal of this award is to strengthen business relationships by creating cohesiveness and an enabling environment to discuss common issues while further developing strong personal relationships with brokers of choice. It is also a privileged moment during which Optimum executives inform brokers about internal development, upcoming products and our strategic vision. This award is therefore of significance as it allows us to maintain excellent relationships with our partners.

A week at a country estate

The stay happens mainly in the Normandy region, home to Optimum’s Domaine du Tremblay. Originally a dairy farm owned by the Tremblay family, the estate was occupied by German forces during the Second World War and used as a treatment centre for wounded German soldiers. With a rich history and culture, the Normandy region, and Optimum’s Domaine du Tremblay have much to offer visitors.

The 2017 Winners

Recipients of the award were selected earlier this year. The deserving brokerages for 2017 were:

- Capri Insurance Services Ltd., Kelowna, British Columbia
- RHC Insurance Brokers Ltd., Nelson, British Columbia
- Newman, Oliver & McCarten Insurance Brokers Ltd., Campbellford, Ontario
- Rivet Insurance Brokers, North Bay, Ontario

Congratulations to our winners and good luck to all for next year’s award!