Blue ArrowThe Optimum Advantage

A package "à la carte"

OptiPak Retail combines the advantages and flexibility of an "à la carte" insurance policy with the coverage of a package policy. Coverage sections are offered at competitive prices while remaining optional. It is up to you to choose with the help of your broker!

For all your locations

You can have many different locations under the same insurance policy!

Coverage that is more than complete

OptiPak Retail features protection for your property, business income and equipment. It protects your business against crime and equipment breakdown while offering you the options to add coverage against earthquakes, flooding and sewer back-up. With OptiPak Retail you also have commercial liability coverage of up to $5,000,000.

Eligible Occupancies

  • Food and beverage stores
  • Sporting goods, hardware and garden supplies stores
  • Textile, leather and paper businesses
  • Furniture and home accessories stores
  • Equipment shops

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Special Risks

Special Risks

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