In our efforts to offer as much transparency as possible regarding the relationships we have with our brokers, you will find below information on the different types of compensation our brokers receive from us.

Standard Commission

Independent brokers offer valuable services personalised to each of their clients and earn a commission for providing these services. The commission rates we pay to our brokers, as a percentage of the premium, are:

Private Passenger and Commercial Automobile 10% to 12.5%
Personal Property 20%
Commercial Property and Liability 20%

In very few cases (B.C. and Quebec), some brokers also help us in the processing and underwriting of policies and we compensate them for their work by an additional commission of up to 3%.

Other compensation

In addition to the standard commission, our brokers can qualify for contingent profit commissions and other bonuses that are conditional on the long term profitability of the brokers and on premium growth over time. These types of remuneration are not linked to any single policy and brokers only find out at the end of the period if they qualify or not for a payment.

These other forms of compensation are important in the development of successful long term relationship with our brokers and will help ensure our mutual future success. Over the years, the amount paid for contingent profit commissions and other bonuses has represented less than 2% of premium.

Your right to know

It is your right to know about the compensation agreements your broker has with us or with any of its insurers it represents, so feel free to ask your broker for more details.