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Why Optimum?

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Fate is a good provider… most of the time. At other times, when fate deals you some misfortune, you can always count on Optimum.

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A human approach

Offering property and casualty insurance for over forty-five years, Optimum knows how to deal with those hazardous situations, “when the sky seems to be falling on your head”! We know how hard it is to overcome difficult events such as accidents or property damage. That’s why Optimum manages these situations with compassion and understanding. While explaining each, and every next step, our team will answer your questions and help you regain control of your situation.

Protection that meets your needs

Optimum cares about offering you the protection that best addresses your needs. Our priority is to provide our insureds, and brokers with customized service that exceeds expectations.

Needless to say, experiencing a loss is never pleasant, but we’ll do everything we can to help make your claim as simple and satisfying as possible.

The partnership between brokers and insurers is in the best interest of only one person: You!

Only one person should have control of your life and it’s you. Optimum knows that having a wide range of options and receiving impartial advice is always in the best interest of the policyholder. This is why we choose to offer our products exclusively through a network of independent brokers. These brokerage professionals know the market and the variety of options that are available to you. They will guide you to the perfect insurance policy.

A Canadian insurance company

Optimum has been providing insurance to Canadians since 1976. We are part of the Optimum Group, a Canadian-owned diversified international financial group. We are dedicated to the Canadian market and are here for the long-term. Optimum was born in Canada and is here to stay.

Direct VS Broker

Let us explain why it is in your best interest to deal with a broker.

Why doing business with an independent broker is a winning solution?

First of all, putting your trust with an independent broker gives you the possibility to choose. Your broker has access to information from many different insurance companies, therefore, they can help you find the insurance policy that is perfect for your needs. The only person for whom they are working is you.

Independent brokers must earn a license to sell insurance. Therefore, you can be sure the broker you are dealing with is competent and that his services are certified, substantial’s and professional.

With a broker, you’ll never find yourself alone when faced with a loss. Your broker is there to guide you and answer your questions so you can regain control over your situation.

Finding your way around insurance when you are not an expert is not an easy task. Your insurance broker is accustomed to sorting through policies and can most certainly shed light on the topic. You can trust their expertise.

Choosing an independent insurance broker gives you the opportunity to find the best protection for your needs.

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General overview to make the smartest choice

Customized and certified services

Access to an experienced licensed broker

Impartial advice

Broker that works exclusively for you

Support in case of a disastrous event

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