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Your business is an important part of your life. You care about it. You want it to flourish and you want to take advantage of the best opportunities. Most of all, you feel the need to protect it. Prepare your business to face the unpredictable by purchasing one of Optimum's commercial insurance policies. Talk to your independent broker about Optimum.

Products - Commercial - Commercial insurance

Commercial insurance

Tailor made and comprehensive insurance policies for most businesses.

Products - Commercial - Cyber insurance

Cyber insurance endorsement

Protect yourself from attacks in the digital space.

Products - Commercial - OptiPak clinic

OptiPak clinic

Specially designed insurance for businesses such as medical, dental, chiropractic and physiotherapy clinics

Products - Commercial - OptiPak contractor

OptiPak contractor

Protection especially designed to fulfill your needs as a contractor.

Products - Commercial - OptiPak automotive service

OptiPak automotive services

An insurance policy designed for the automobile service industry.

OptiPak manufacturing

Protection hot off the assembly line to fulfill your needs as a manufacturer.

Products - Commercial - OptiPak professional services

OptiPak professional services

A commercial package designed for professional services firms.

Products - Commercial - Optipak restaurant

OptiPak restaurant

Coverage to meet your specific needs as a restaurateur.

Products - Commercial - OptiPak retail

OptiPak retail

The ideal coverage for your retail business.

Products - Commercial - Optipak wholesale

OptiPak wholesale

Customized Protection for your wholesale business.

Products - Commercial - Special risks

Special Risks

A commercial program designed for businesses with substandard features.

Prevention capsules

Prevention capsules - Cyber security

Simple tips to prevent incidents in your commerce. Remember, prevention is key!

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