Blue ArrowThe Optimum advantage

All-risks protection

Your Optimum VIP Cottage Insurance policy includes all risk coverage on the building and personal property.

One million dollars liability

This special protection also includes the replacement cost on personal property and $1,000,000 for premises liability.

A more than complete protection

We have thought of everything, including your boathouse(s)! The Optimum VIP Cottage Insurance includes complete protection for your docks and boathouses. You would like to add protection for your watercraft? Nothing easier!  When you subscribe to Optimum VIP Cottage Insurance you are automatically eligible for watercraft liability.

Ask your independent broker about the  Optimum VIP Cottage option!


Key discounts available for this product

Insured 40 years +
New building
Monitored burglar alarm

Ask your broker about these and other available discounts

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