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Personalized Service

When you select Optimum with your independent broker, you can be sure you'll have personalized service.  We'll provide you with the perfect protection for your business and the options you need for complete coverage of your risks! Nothing less!

The Optimum Expertise

Optimum has been insuring businesses since 1976. With us you'll find stability as well as peace of mind.

Appealing Extras

At Optimum we know that each individual and each business is unique, that's why we offer you special endorsements to fulfill your needs in commercial insurance. Your broker will help you determine what options you should add to your insurance policy.

Optimum will provide insurance for the categories of business below...and more ! Check with your broker !


Restaurants and coffee shops

Building owners' risks

Apartment buildings and commercial buildings

Builders' risks

Commercial and residential buildings


Grocery, clothing and furniture stores as well as barber, beauty shops and bakeries

Small manufacturers/service shops

Small and mid-size businesses, woodworkers, metal works and machine shops, repair garages, printers and appliance repairs


Landscapers, carpenters, building maintenance services, renovation contractors, heating, refrigeration and electrical contractors, window, door and floor installers