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Sewer Backup

Accidental leakage of sewage or water in your home can be devastating, because the extent of damage often goes beyond what is visible to the eye. Why not protect your home with Optimum’s Sewer Backup endorsement? It includes:

Sewer Backup Prevention

Up to $1,000 additional coverage to pay for the installation of an approved sewer backup prevention device in your home at the time of a sewer backup loss.

Service Line repairs

Up to $10,000 to cover the repair or replacement of a service line damaged by a break, tear, rupture or collapse.


Overland Water

Overland water infiltrations are definitely on the rise! Optimum is proud to be one of the first insurers to provide coverage that will protect your residence against rapid accumulation of surface water (including torrential rainfalls) and overflow of rivers and lakes.


Ground Water

This coverage will be available later this year. Look for upcoming updates on the subject.


Ask your independent broker about Optimum’s wide range of water-protection products!

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