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Most of the time, owning a vehicle means having the freedom to go where you want, when you want. Unfortunately, roads aren't risk-free. Therefore, to drive with peace of mind, a useful passenger to have by your side is one of Optimum's automobile insurance policies. Whether your vehicle is fuelled by gas or diesel or is one of the greener choices of electric or hybrid, Optimum can provide you with insurance to fit your needs!

Products - Automobile - Private automobile

Private automobile

Protection for you and your personal vehicle(s).

Products - Automobile - Commercial automobile

Commercial automobile

Insurance for your commercial vehicle from the pickup truck to the delivery van.

Products - Automobile - All terrain vehicle (ATV’s)

All terrain vehicle (ATVs)

All-terrain vehicle insurance that follows you on the trails!

Products - Automobile - Motorized snow vehicle


Insurance that rides with you on the trails!

Products - Automobile - Motorhome


A protection for your rolling home

Products - Automobile - Camper unit

Camper unit

A Coverage that goes well with your camper unit

Products - Automobile - Trailer


Protection to go along with your trailer.

Products - Automobile - Motorcycle


Insurance for your two wheeled vehicle!

Products - Automobile - Special risks

Special risks

Auto insurance for people with unusual situations

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