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Special risks

Special risks

Your driver's license has been suspended? Accidents seem to be piling up? Your last automobile insurance policy was canceled because of non-payment? At Optimum, we understand that it is sometimes difficult to get insurance. This is why we designed insurance policies for unusual situations.

Products - Automobile - Special risks

The Optimum advantage

At Optimum, we know how to adapt to your needs

Upgrading the quality of our services is one of our constant concerns.

With Optimum, forgiveness is possible

Optimum offers you the possibility to add an accident forgiveness endorsement to your insurance policy. With this endorsement, the vehicle will keep its current rating if an at-fault loss occurs! 

Your first insurance policy

Optimum wishes you a safe drive by offering you an insurance policy that meets your expectations.

Your past and future Optimum way

Have you not paid your insurance premium in the past? Do you have a criminal record? Optimum will examine your file with respect and understanding to offer you and insurance policy tailored to your needs.

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