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Perfect protection for you

Optimum offers four different forms of coverage especially designed to suit your needs.You plan to rent your condominium? Or you plan to live in your condominium only seasonally? Take a look at the Rented and Seasonal Condominium protection.

A comprehensive liability coverage of $1million

Regardless of the level of protection you choose, your personal liability coverage in case of peril is up to a million dollars! 

Two condos?

Optimum offers you two forms of coverage with different options if you own a second condo whether you are living in both condos or not.

Optimum goes green!

Optimum is the only company giving you the opportunity to add an environmental touch to your home insurance with its Optimum Green-Home extension. It gives you the possibility to replace household items with environmentally-friendly products in case of a claim, and encourages you to adopt a greener lifestyle by giving you carbon offsets to fully compensate for a year your residence green-home gas emission.

Ask your independent broker about Optimum's condominium insurance policies!

Available Levels of Protection



This superior protection offers all risk coverage on the unit and all risk coverage on personal property. 



This broad protection offers all risk coverage on the unit and named perils coverage on personal property.

Rented and seasonal condominium

Rented and seasonal condominium

This protection, especially designed for rented or seasonal condominiums, offers named risks coverage on the unit and named risks coverage on personal property with an optional replacement cost.

Optimum Vip extension

Optimum Vip extension

This extension provides enhanced coverage and increased limits.


Key discounts available for this product

Insured 45 years +
Alarm system
Water leak detection
Tankless water heater

Ask your broker about these and other available discounts

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