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Farm operations

Farm operations

Protect your farm, your equipment and your animals with a specialized insurance policy designed for farm owners. Optimum knows best and provides you with its farm expertise since 1897! 

Products - Farm - Farm operations

The Optimum advantage

The right coverage for your farm whether it is operational or not!

Whether your farm is operational, of small scale, or is not operational, Optimum will provide you with coverage especially designed for farms.

All types of livestock, crops and produce

Whatever the type of farming, crop or production, Optimum will be at your side in the event of a loss. Additionally, with our special risks department, we can offer solutions to meet your specific needs. You can trust our farm expertise!

A complete farm insurance policy

Optimum covers your buildings, products, equipment, machinery, animals, financial losses and more. We have many products to meet your needs and at attractive rates.

A coverage enhancement of 15% to cover your animals in case of a loss

Optimum thinks about your future! If an unfortunate event happens, we will cover the loss of your animals and we will also give you 15% of their value to cover operating losses.

Quality prevention service!

Our team of experienced fire prevention technicians will tour your facilities to ensure that they meet proper safety standards.

Coverage up to $30,000 to clean up pollution on insured property.

With no deductible applicable, we will cover the cost to clean up pollution on an insured property if the event was sudden and accidental in nature and the spill of contaminants was a result of agricultural use. With no applicable deductible, we can cover the cost to sanitize the insured site, up to a maximum of $30 000.

Liability Insurance for farming activities

Despite our best intentions, unfortunate events may occur.  Optimum's liability insurance for farming operations provides you with legal liability coverage for the financial consequences that may arise from your farming activities.

Ask your insurance broker for more information about Optimum's liability insurance for farming activities!

Available levels of protection:

Available Levels of Protection - Platinum

This is our most complete insurance policy, providing you with all-risk protection for your buildings, your products, your equipment, and your farm machinery.

Available Levels of Protection - Gold

This form provides you with all-risk protection for your buildings, your equipment, and your farm products with a few exclusions.

*Note: All Risks coverage provided by Optimum and the insurance industry is still subject to certain exclusions, please see your insurance broker for more details.

Available Levels of Protection - Silver

Silver including theft protection
This form protects against named perils, including theft.

Silver without theft protection

Silver without theft protection
This form protects against named perils, excluding theft. 

Find a broker to obtain a quote.

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